The Doorstep Portrait Project was started by myself to raise money for our local NHS Harrogate Hospital, to put smiles on the faces of our community & document this historic event. There were 6 of us involved in the project all over Harrogate, Myself Stacey J Evans Photography, Lianne Price Photography, Nicole Wilcox Photography, Sarah Warne Photography, Charlotte Hedgecock Photography & Rachael Fawcett Photography.

This project was a fantastic way to bring the community together and providing everyone with a positive keepsake in these unprecedented times, whilst raising money for a fantastic cause!

We were offering doorstep portraits whilst out on our daily exercise in our local areas. We are following all government guidelines.

We encouraged people to get dressed up, make signs, decorate their windows and even put on some fancy dress to have portraits on their doorstep or even inside of their window if they didn’t want to come outside.

This was our way of showing our support to the incredibly brave and heroic NHS Staff that are putting their lives on the line to take care of us and our families!


I had the inspiration from something I had seen being done in the USA which was being carried out by photographers to make profit and not following their government guidelines, it was getting a lot of bad publicity.

It made me think maybe I could make this into something positive, if there was a way to do something similar whilst sticking to the government guidelines, be able to raise money and show support to Harrogate Hospital, give something for the community to get involved in, put smiles on the faces of our community and also document this moment in history. I realised I wouldn’t be able to cover the entirety of Harrogate so I got in contact with some other local photographers.


The Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity.

This charity funds specialist equipment, training and services to improve treatment and staff facilities for all departments at Harrogate Hospital. This can make a huge difference to everyone.

Thank you to all NHS Staff & Key Workers, you are all heroes!

If you wish to DONATE you can do so through our Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/harrogatedoorstepportraits



for Harrogate Hospital

The Project is now over!

If you want to see more about the doorstep project visit the facebook page:


All of the images in this album have been taken by Stacey J Evans Photography, Nicole Wilcox Photography, Lianne Price Photography, Sarah Warne Photography, Charlotte Hedgecock Photography & Rachael Fawcett Photography

STACEY J EVANS (Stacey J Evans Photography)

What Stacey say's about the project:

“ When I got in touch with the other ladies about starting this project I never expected it to be as popular as it has become. It is bringing a lot of joy to the community and all of us involved. This has been great for my mental health as I know it will be to others in the community too, Just having someone different to say “Hi” to can make such a difference during these times. This is also a great way to document this moment in history. I really couldn’t of asked for a better bunch of fellow photographers to of got involved. Some of us have never met but have come together for this great cause. I want to thank the other ladies for getting involved and for our incredible community for showing so much support to us and for donating via our just giving page for our charity, The Harrogate Hospital & Community Charity, the money we raise will really help our local Hospital! This is show how much we all appreciate the amazing job the Hospital and NHS staff are doing to keep us and our families safe”

NICOLE WILCOX (Nicole Wilcox Photography)

What Nicole say's about the project:

"When Stacey first asked me to join this project I fell in love with the idea and immediately volunteered my photographic services to cover the Knaresborough and Goldsborough area.

I'm so glad to be involved in this project, I love seeing people's reactions when they receive their photographs. As well as helping to fundraise for Harrogate Hospital in this time of crisis."

LIANNE PRICE (Lianne Price Photography)

What Lianne say's about the project:

"I'm very excited to be apart of the Doorstep Project for Harrogate. I have several members of my own family and lots of wonderful friends that are apart of our wonderful NHS so this was the perfect way to show them how much love and support is out there for them and the amazing work they are doing.

This project is so special as it captures a moment in time during such an unprecedented and uncertain time and is giving family a little bit of joy and something to smile about.

Not only that I personally have found it as a little lifeline for my own mental health as I am sure there will be others that feel the same"