Does someone have to be trained to legally work as a newborn photographer?

This for me is a scary one because unfortunately, no they don’t! There is no requirement by law which is absolutely terrifying! Babies are so delicate and if you don’t know what you are doing you could potentially seriously harm these precious little darlings! I strongly believe that it should be made law that a photographer should have to have of some sort of newborn safety education.

A lot of aspiring newborn photographers I have seen in facebook groups etc have always said "it’s fine I have children I know how to handle a baby." Hmmmm that not quite how it works and quite frankly this shows that this person has no care for the safety of your baby.

I as a mum myself would never have thought about the certain things I have learnt in my newborn training. For example, let’s have a play along at home to test this.

Right, so put your chin to your chest tight for a while, slightly harder to breath after a while, correct?

Ok now put you head right back as far as you can go open your mouth slightly, after a while it becomes harder to breath. Now if this happens to a baby whose airways are teeny tiny it could become very dangerous!

One last one, place your hands under your chin then push them back so they are pushing against your neck and let the full weight of your head fall. You are practically strangling yourself by shutting off your airways. If those babies hands are too far back those little newborns will not be able to breath.

A few of the poses that some photographers do to the naked eye look like the baby is put into position and then a photo is taken. You's think this right? Wrong!! Some images are a composite of two or sometimes more images to make one whole image.

The reason some images are composite is because babies can’t support their head or May flinch suddenly due to their startle reflex and they could throw their head back and cause serious harm to their neck. ( See below images as an example of a composite)

I could go on about so many other dangers of hiring a non trained newborn photographer but I’d be here forever!

As you can see i had mum support baby girls head from the back to ensure her head was safely supported

Final Image - You can see the arm has been removed in editing

What does fully trained mean?

It means that the photographer has had training in all aspects of newborn photography. They would be trained in how pose baby safely in various positions and putting babies safely in props whilst knowing what signs to look out for if baby was in any discomfort.

Is newborn photography safe?

Newborn photography is absolutely safe as long as you ensure you have chosen a fully trained photographer so please, please check your newborn photographer's background in photography. You may pay a little more but it’s worth it to know your baby is in safe hands. Please don’t be scared to ask if they are fully trained and safety trained in newborn photography because those who are will proudly let you know that they are. Ask those questions lovelies because your babies are your most precious loves and it is not unreasonable for you to want to know more about the person who will be handling and photographing your baby. 

This shows baby safely posed in a basket prop. Mum is to the side within arms reach just incase baby moves suddenly.

Am I fully trained in newborn photography?

Yes indeed! I am fully trained in newborn posing and newborn safety and also in maternity and toddler photography too!

I am city & guild assured and also recognised on the baby & newborn photography network. I have also invested in extensive online training over the last year with Kelly Brown and The Milkyway Newborn Retreat. This has helped me keep fresh and learn more during the time that I have not been able to work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I can assure you that your babies safety is my main priority over any images. My newborn sessions are completely baby led and I will never force your baby into a pose. If baby isn't happy in a position or refuses to move into a certain pose then I will move on to the next pose or prop.

Happy to help!

I really hope that this has been helpful to you. I know that i would never of thought about any of these things when I was looking to book a newborn photographer and when you really think about it, it makes sense to be asking these questions and doing the research on the person you are trusting with your baby.

It really isn't as simple as picking up a camera and taking photos of a baby. It takes time, practice, patience and education.

All of the reasons in this blog is why you absolutely SHOULD hire a FULLY TRAINED newborn photographer!

Written by: Stacey J Evans - Stacey J Evans Photography