Who am i?

So this is pretty obvious but i'm Stacey, Stacey Evans! Thats my married name anyway i was previously Stacey Le Tissier. I then married my pretty amazing husband Tom. We have a crazy little person called Amelia-Jayne (AJ) who is 20 months old and a tiny Chorkie dog called Roxi!

So here are a few things about me so that you can get to know me a little.

I grew up on the beautiful island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands, if you don't know where that is just google it, Its easier then explaining it. It's a small island off the coast of France, no i'm not french and yes i know you have probably been to Jersey! These are the most common responses when i tell people where i am from. Jersey is another channel island. Guernsey and Jersey are kind of a bit like Arsenal vs Spurs or Man U vs Man City! Our rival island but equally as lovely.

I moved to Harrogate as this is where my husband is from and i LOVE it here! It made much more sense me moving here than Tom moving to tiny Guernsey. Oh so a quick version of how i met Tom, We worked for the same company, went on a works course, i hated him at first, we became friends, we then became more then friends, i came back and forth to Harrogate for 4 months (3hr ferry to Portsmouth and a 5hr drive may i add, commitment!) Then decided hey iill just move seeing i'm here all the time anyway! So here i am 6 years later, married, house, business and baby!

I have no siblings, but i am the eldest of lots of cousins! Growing up in a small island we were all so close by to each other and spent a lot of time together so it was like having siblings but i just didn't have to live with them.

I love family time and spending time with close friends, yes i know cliche but its true. I have the most amazing family & friends!

We are a football loving household, i support Arsenal and my husband supports Aston Villa. My husband coaches at Knaresborough Town and i do enjoy going to support them when i'm not working. Go town woooo!

Im a Scorpio, Passionate, Persistant, Loyal, Ambitious and Focused. (Cosmos definition of a Scorpio)

Things i love most, Eating out, chocolate, sweets, my family, chocolate, friends tv show, my actual friends, harry potter, 90's everything, cake, afternoon tea, DONUTS, comedy movies and did i mention chocolate yet!

Quick fire favourites:

Colour: Blush Pink

Hobby: Eating out? thats a hobby right?

Tv show: Schitts Creek

Film: Grease!

Actor: Adam Sandler

Actress: Drew Barrymore

Singer/band: ooo Mariah Carey and The Script (couldn't be any different right?!)

Celeb crush: Jamie Redknapp

Famous connection: My uncle who i'm so proud of and have always looked up to for his morals and talent, Matt Le Tissier

Dream holiday destination: Mauritius or Barbados

Take away: Doe Donuts/Chinese

Restaurant: La Ferria

So thats a little bit about me. Now on to What i do!

Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral

Where & what do i do ?

I capture beautiful memories and moments for my clients to have to look back on forever! I know it's again a cliche but it's true. I love to capture moments that you maybe might forget in time so that you will forever have the image to take you back to that moment and to revisit those feelings you felt in that moment.

I meet wonderful people and work with them on their modelling portfolio or images for their business. I Capture those timeless moments for couples in love on their wedding day. Those images of new life growing during maternity shoots ands those tiny fingers and toes during my newborn sessions. One of my favourite sessions are Cake smash & splashes! Your child, a cake and one big mess! So much fun and a great way to celebrate your little ones birthday.

I carry out all of my studio sessions in my Harrogate based studio that is in my detached converted garage. One of the reasons we bought the house was that the garage was the perfect studio space. It has all been decorated and insulated, made comfortable and cosy for all of my lovely clients.

I travel all over the UK & beyond for Weddings too!

Newborn Photography

Family & Child Photography

Why i do what i do!

I am a newborn, family & wedding photographer because i love capturing those raw and beautiful moments between familoes and couples. I love love, i love children and family is what i am all about.

I do what i do because i like to know that i am giving familIes and couples frozen moments of their life. Little pieces of their history captured and frozen for them to look back on and to share for years to come. Knowing that they are feeling overjoyed and emotional looking at these images i have provided them with of their special day, their new baby or their family is just the best feeling!

This job doesn't feel like a job, it is just a part of me and who i am. I wish i had followed this path sooner than i did because honestly the past year has been the most amazing journey and i have enjoyed every moment. I cant wait to see what the future holds for Stacey J Evans Photography.

So thats Who, What, Where & Why!

I hope i haven't bored you too much but if you got the the end of all of this then thank you for reading my first blog post, i was quite nervous and wasn't sure what to write so i just let it flow. Now i am in danger of rambling on so i shall say see ya and start planning my next post! I'll try to make the next one more interesting.

Over and out,



Family & Child Photography

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