Birth Photography

'The Journey Into Parenthood'

Your journey to parenthood starts long before the birth of your new bundle of joy.

From the moment you find out your are expecting you start to wonder so many things like, what will they be, what will they look like, how will I decorate the nursery, the list goes on. There are so many things that you start to wonder about and those thoughts then trail into the birth of your baby and what the experience will be like. I myself know that things don’t always go to plan, but that doesn’t matter as long as your little one has arrived safe and sound. 

“When we birth, we don’t just birth our babies. We birth ourselves, we birth our families and we reshape our lives.”

- Dr Sarah Wickham
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Bringing a baby into the world is an exciting, intense and emotional experience. It is a momentous time in your life as you embark on to the next part of your parenting journey. 

The moment your baby arrives into your world and is placed in your arms is a memory that you will want to have forever.

That moment those teeny tiny fingers wrap around yours for the first time, that first cry and that first look of love. These are all moments that happen in the first moments after birth. These moments are the ones that you can’t see but you feel. So how amazing would it be to be able to see them and look back at them to get that feeling of overwhelming love over and over again? 

Well, you can! I have embarked on a new journey myself, and this year I am introducing my NEW collection


Collections & Prices

Collections & Prices

The Journey In To Parenthood

Pre-birth consultation
Birth Photo Session
All Edited Digital Images
All Images provided on a USB
10% OFF of Maternity and Newborn sessions.


Want to know more?

Your birth is a once in a lifetime moment. There are no redo's

You get to relive one of the most incredible moments of your life. It also helps you to piece together those blurry details you didn’t register in that moment.

Your photos can also be utilised as a visual healing and empowering tool during postpartum. Looking back through your beautiful photo’s will get your Oxytocin flowing and help support you in your transition into your new journey of parenthood.

What about your nudey bits? If it’s your modesty you’re worried about then please let me reassure you….

Birth photography is in not all about the crowning shots, some clients don’t want those images and that is fine with me. I know how to be creative with angles, crops & editing to protect your modesty. Birth photography is all about emotion. Its about capturing your strength, your power, how your partner supports your and looks at you with admiration and love, the look on your faces when you finally meet your baby & all those precious newborn moments.

We begin with a no obligation informal chat….

This gives you the opportunity to explore the idea, ask any questions that you may have & make clear any thoughts that you may have. It gives us both an opportunity to get a feel for each other. With such a personal moment being captured it is important to establish a connection, a friendship of some sort in advance of your birth. I want you to feel comfortable with me. Getting to know you is important to me, because your comfort is so important to me. I will be an active part of your birth team & included with my photography services will be emotional & physical support to you when needed.

Do you want to talk more about your birthing journey?

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